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Before Josh Becker made movies with some of the past giants of the silver screen like Anthony Quinn, Josh grew up making movies with some of the current giants of the silver screen, namely his childhood buddies Sam Raimi (of SPIDER-MAN fame) and B-movie legend Bruce Campbell.

Today Josh is a well respected film and tv director-writer, and the author of two other books. When he left his home in Michigan in 1976 at the age of 17 and moved to Hollywood, all he knew was that he was pursuing his dream-- to be in the film business. Arriving, he found that dreams don't always work out like they do up on the silver screen.

Gaining a foothold in this notoriously difficult line of work requires as much passion, luck and ambition as it does frustration, heartbreak and folly. GOING HOLLYWOOD is the true story of a driven young man willing to go to the ends of the earth in order to fulfill his dreams.



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Josh Becker has been making movies since he was a teenager. His first film was made at age thirteen, and by 9th grade he was tackling Oedipus Rex with future cult-icon Bruce Campbell. Since then he has written and directed numerous short films, four feature films, several television movies and worked on successful tv shows. RUSHES is at heart a passionate, honest and opinionated look behind the scenes of writing, producing and directing low-budget movies. From Josh's early days working with future Spider-Man director Sam Raimi on his original Evil Dead to his days writing and directing Xena: Warrior Princess in New Zealand and beyond, RUSHES is filled with stories. Whether you're a budding thespian, scriptwriter, director or you simply just love movies, you'll find insights, frustrations and answers to your questions in the experiences Josh has enjoyed and endured in his three and a half decades of filmmaking trenches. His supporting cast in these adventures include aforementioned Sam Raimi and frequent collaborator Bruce Campbell, as well as stars small and great like Anthony Quinn, Lucy Lawless, Rob Tapert, Renee O'Connor, Gary Jones, Scott Spiegel, Joe LoDuca, Rick Sandford, Mariah Carey, Stephen Baldwin, John Cassavetes and many, many others.



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A newly discovered photo of Josh and Scott Spiegel on the set of "Evil Dead 2. Photo by Paul Harris.

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Josh interview Metro Times

Josh on the set of "If I Had a Hammer."

Josh on the set of "If I Had a Hammer."

Josh interview Metro Times

Josh on the set of "If I Had a Hammer."

Josh on the set of "If I Had a Hammer."

Top photo by Bruce Giffin for Metro Times.
Other photos: on the set of "Alien Apocalypse;" on the set of "If I Had a Hammer."

Most books about film production assume that you have an idea and a script to shoot. Most screenwriting books are geared to how to write a script that you can sell to Hollywood (as though the authors of these books had the slightest clue) and do not take into consideration that you might be shooting the script yourself, possibly with your own money.

This book is about how to write a script properly that you can rationally shoot, how to shoot it, how to finish it, how to sell it, and also how to get it shown.



Spine Chillers
Press Release

Submitted for your approval, Spine Chillers, a haunting new suspense/horror series on YouTube. From the twisted demonic minds of Josh Becker (writer/director of the hit SyFy film, Alien Apocalypse), Paul Harris and Chris Dinnan, scored by famed composer, Joe LoDuca (Evil Dead), and with a special upcoming guest appearance by Bruce Campbell. Spine Chillers reinvents the suspense/horror genre with wild, edgy, imaginative tales that are creepy, scary, suspenseful, and occasionally even funny, too. Fact or fiction? Tune in to Spine Chillers on YouTube and find out for yourself.




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If I Had a Hammer

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