Hitler's Dog Fuschl
by Josh Becker

Hitler's Dog Fuschl is the tale is the tale of a dog that once belonged to a British officer during World War I, but while chasing a rat from the British trench, across No Man's Land, then into the German trench, whose lap does he land on but that of 25-year-old, Corporal Adolf Hitler, the best messenger in the entire German Army.  Although offered promotions, Hitler wouldn't take them so that he could remain a messenger, the most dangerous job in the army.  But now he had a dog, which he named Fuschl, to accompany him on his harrowing journeys.  Ultimately, Hitler's Dog Fuschl is a Disneyesque story of a boy and his dog going through the worst hell in the history of mankind.  Both insidious and outrageous, while simultaneously funny, sad, and moving, this is a story that has never before been told in this detail.

The Lost Eagle of Varus
by Josh Becker

In 10 AD the Roman Empire experienced one of its worst military disasters ever—three legions, nearly 25,000 soldiers, were ambushed and almost entirely massacred in the dark, foreboding forests of Germania.  German barbarians (or so the Romans thought) surrounded them, slaughtered 20,000 men in a single day, then took the three iron eagles that represented the legions.  The commanding officer, Publius Varus, unable to bear the shame and dishonor of his actions, fell on his sword.  In the course of the following thirty years two of the eagles were recovered, albeit at the loss of 15,000 more Roman soldiers.  Then, in 41 AD, Claudius became emperor and was determined the retrieve the last eagle, however instead of sending thousands of soldiers, he decided to send eight men to sneak into Germania, find the lost eagle and bring it back to Rome.  The Lost Eagle of Varus is the exciting tale of that very adventure which has never before been told.

Commodore Stephen Decatur
by Josh Becker

Even though there are over four dozen cities, towns, villages and townships named after Stephen Decatur, and even though he is the greatest naval hero in the history of the United States, almost nobody knows anything about him.  He distinguished himself in the First Barbary War against Arab pirates along the north coast of Africa, then again in the Battle of 1812 against the British, then again in the Second Barbary War.  He was as valiant, courageous and heroic as anyone who has ever served in the military, and deserves to be remembered.  Commodore Stephen Decatur not only tells the rousing tales of his daring naval exploits, it also delves into the heart of the man to find out what made him human. 

by Josh Becker

In August of 1945, World War II ended and millions of veterans returned home, flooding the job markets.  Some vets used the G.I. Bill to get an education and a good job; others never fit back in.  Cycles is the story of a group of vets from the Midwest--representing all ends of the service--who didn't fit back in, but all had a great love and interest in motorcycles which ended up drawing them all together.  When the weather got warm they all decided to take a road-trip west up Route-66 to visit their service pals in California (thus bringing the idea of the motorcycle gang to the west coast), but along the way in the panhandle of Texas, they drive ride directly into a world of deceit, anger, secrets and violence.  Of all the battles these heroes had already fought, this would be the most decisive. Cycles roars by in a cloud of unforgettable drama and action. 


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Spine Chillers
Press Release

Submitted for your approval, Spine Chillers, a haunting new suspense/horror series on YouTube. From the twisted demonic minds of Josh Becker (writer/director of the hit SyFy film, Alien Apocalypse), Paul Harris and Chris Dinnan, scored by famed composer, Joe LoDuca (Evil Dead), and with a special upcoming guest appearance by Bruce Campbell. Spine Chillers reinvents the suspense/horror genre with wild, edgy, imaginative tales that are creepy, scary, suspenseful, and occasionally even funny, too. Fact or fiction? Tune in to Spine Chillers on YouTube and find out for yourself.



Head Shot: The True Story of JFK's Assassination
by Josh Becker

On November 22nd, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in his convertible Lincoln on the streets of Dallas, Texas.  Who killed him? This has remained a mystery for over fifty years.  The accepted story is that the murder was committed by a "lone nut" gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald, but those facts just don't add up.  Through extensive research, along with a fair amount of detective work, Josh Becker has finally figured out the mystery and filled in all of the holes as no one has done before him. Finally, with Head Shot: The True Story of JFK’s Assassination, the "mystery inside an enigma inside of a conundrum" has finally been solved.


starring Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi
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Teddy Roosevelt in the Bad Lands
by Josh Becker

On the very same day, February 14th, 1884, both Teddy Roosevelt's mother and wife died in the same house.  His spirit broken, twenty-six-year-old Roosevelt gave up his newborn daughter to his family and rode west to the Bad Lands of the Dakota Territories to become a rancher.  Of his many adventures, the most difficult was dealing with the founder of the town of Medora, the Marquis de Mores, a renowned anti-Semite from France who called Roosevelt "Rosenfeld" and tried to steal everybody's land.  A fight between the Marquis brewed for nearly two years until, one snowy day, it finally occurred.  Teddy Roosevelt in the Bad Lands is a tale of survival, friendship, courage and hatred.  For anyone interested in how the great Theodore Roosevelt became who he was to become, this book is a must.




The Winds of Fate
by Josh Becker

The Winds of Fate is a white-knuckled, sweaty-palms, all-out thriller action tale set in Western Africa during a revolution in 1962.  Mike, a nineteen-year-old kid working in a camera store in Ferndale, Michigan, through the winds of fate, surprisingly finds himself in a mercenary army sneaking through the streets of a small African city exploding in utter chaos to save the staff at the British Embassy. An unlikely friendship develops between Mike and one of the courageous Gurkha soldiers, as the two of them go far out of their way to make sure everyone is safe.  The finale of The Winds of Fate is as exciting and compelling as stories get. 

Devil Dogs: The Battle of Belleau Wood
by Josh Becker

Devil Dogs: The Battle of Belleau Wood is the brutally exciting story of the very first major engagement fought by the Americans, mostly U.S. Marines. On June 6th, 1918, 28,000 Marines met up with 40,000 Germans in a one-mile-square hunting preserve known as Belleau Wood. For the next thirty days the most insanely intense hand-to-hand combat ensued for possession of Belleau Wood, which had no strategic value other than stopping the German advance on Paris, thirty-five miles to the west.  The lead character of the story is forty-year-old Gunnery Sergeant "Fighting Dan" Daly, who already had two Medals of Honor going into this battle, and came out the most-decorated enlisted Marine of all-time.  By stopping the Germans at Belleau Wood, the Americans halted the entire German western advance, and began their retreat and eventual loss and surrender five months later.


General Lew Wallace: Soldier, Statesman, Author of "Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ"
by Josh Becker

General Lew Wallace was the third highest-ranked Union officer during the Civil War, rising to the rank of Major General at the early age of thirty-five, making him the youngest major general ever.  He was also the first governor of the Arizona Territories and had to deal with the likes of Billy the Kid. Then, Lew Wallace wrote Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ which became the biggest-selling book in history, next to the Bible, for over the next fifty years.

General Lew Wallace: Soldier, Statesman, Author of Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ is an exciting, compelling, unique story about one of the great solders, statesmen, and a brilliantly clever author.

Mann's Revenge
by Josh Becker

Mann’s Revenge is the haunting tale of two men whose lives were inextricably and fatefully intertwined: Karl Mann and Heinrich Himmler. Born and raised in the same small town, an early event caused both of them to come to hate each other. In the intervening years, Himmler became the most feared executioner among all of the Nazis, personally responsible for the brutal murders of over twelve million innocent people. But the hatred between Himmler and Karl Mann had never escaped Himmler’s mind. As soon as he gained power in 1933 as Adolf Hitler’s right-hand-man, he exacted his revenge. Twelve years later Karl Mann exacted his. In fact, Himmler’s death is a mystery. Mann’s Revenge finally solves that mystery.

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Before Josh Becker made movies with some of the past giants of the silver screen like Anthony Quinn, Josh grew up making movies with some of the current giants of the silver screen, namely his childhood buddies Sam Raimi (of SPIDER-MAN fame) and B-movie legend Bruce Campbell.

Today Josh is a well respected film and tv director-writer, and the author of two other books. When he left his home in Michigan in 1976 at the age of 17 and moved to Hollywood, all he knew was that he was pursuing his dream-- to be in the film business. Arriving, he found that dreams don't always work out like they do up on the silver screen.

Gaining a foothold in this notoriously difficult line of work requires as much passion, luck and ambition as it does frustration, heartbreak and folly. GOING HOLLYWOOD is the true story of a driven young man willing to go to the ends of the earth in order to fulfill his dreams.




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Josh's New Book

Josh Becker has been making movies since he was a teenager. His first film was made at age thirteen, and by 9th grade he was tackling Oedipus Rex with future cult-icon Bruce Campbell. Since then he has written and directed numerous short films, four feature films, several television movies and worked on successful tv shows. RUSHES is at heart a passionate, honest and opinionated look behind the scenes of writing, producing and directing low-budget movies. From Josh's early days working with future Spider-Man director Sam Raimi on his original Evil Dead to his days writing and directing Xena: Warrior Princess in New Zealand and beyond, RUSHES is filled with stories. Whether you're a budding thespian, scriptwriter, director or you simply just love movies, you'll find insights, frustrations and answers to your questions in the experiences Josh has enjoyed and endured in his three and a half decades of filmmaking trenches. His supporting cast in these adventures include aforementioned Sam Raimi and frequent collaborator Bruce Campbell, as well as stars small and great like Anthony Quinn, Lucy Lawless, Rob Tapert, Renee O'Connor, Gary Jones, Scott Spiegel, Joe LoDuca, Rick Sandford, Mariah Carey, Stephen Baldwin, John Cassavetes and many, many others.



Most books about film production assume that you have an idea and a script to shoot. Most screenwriting books are geared to how to write a script that you can sell to Hollywood (as though the authors of these books had the slightest clue) and do not take into consideration that you might be shooting the script yourself, possibly with your own money.

This book is about how to write a script properly that you can rationally shoot, how to shoot it, how to finish it, how to sell it, and also how to get it shown.