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Going Fi-Core

Going Fi-Core

Dear Fellow Union Members: Financial-core, or fi-core as it is known, is a quiet conspiracy. The unions absolutely don’t want their members to know that they can do this, and very easily, because it’s not in the union’s best interest; but it is in the members’ best interest. And who is more important? The union …

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Fear of Death

Fear of Death…

…Or Lack Thereof Most people are afraid of dying and will openly admit it, even knowing that it makes them appear childish and weak. The concept of death scares the shit out of most people. Many people try to never think about it, ever, as though denial will cause it not to occur, although there …

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Unbreakable Review

Unbreakable Review

“Unbreakable,” or The Unbelievably Dull Adventures of Sentryman Since I quite liked The Sixth Sense (although, after seeing it a second time, I never need to see it again in my life), I just hope that writer/director M. Night Shyamalan dug the script for Unbreakable out of his file drawer and immediately got it financed. …

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The Need For Structure, Part 5

The Need For Structure, Part 5

Irony & Theme I believe that most screenwriters (as well as wannabe screenwriters) are thinking about the wrong issues when writing these days. If your mind is swirling with surprising plot twists, clever story revelations, or, God forbid, what you assume the audience wants to see, then you’re thinking about the wrong things. I say …

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The Need For Structure, Part 2

We Are Our Own Worst Enemies I was taught in high school that there are three forms of drama: Man against man, man against nature/society, man against himself. That was back in the early 1970s before things were cleansed for PC. Now it would be (and more appropriately, too): Person against person, person against nature/society, …

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The Need For Structure, Part 1

There is a little coffeehouse/used-bookstore near Venice Beach where a lot of young screenwriters show up with laptop computers and work on their scripts. Several times I have seen some of these young writers actually bring a three-foot square corkboard, pushpins, and index cards with all of their scenes listed on them then play musical …

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