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–”Bagman” is based on James Hilton’s story, “Random Harvest,” which was made into the classic 1942 film by Mervyn LeRoy, starring Ronald Coleman and Greer Garson.  Robert DeNiro was exactly the right age for the lead when I wrote it in 1990, and that’s who I was envisioning.
–Like a number of my other scripts and treatments, this one had to percolate around in my head for several years before I could finally see the whole story and write it down. The idea is based on a true situation, the excessive amount of debris that’s built up in geosynchronous orbit around our planet. I took the situation and extrapolated it out to its worst possibility.
–”Hyderabad” was written with my friend, Gary Jones, a former special effects man who worked on my first three films, as well as “Evil Dead 2.” Gary directed a number of episodes of “Xena,” and has also directed three features, “Mosquito,” “Spiders,” and “Crocodile 2,” which he shot in Hyderabad, India. When he returned from India he was interested in trying to get a film made there, so I came up with this story, which we then developed together.
–I came up with “Warpath” as a western to make with Bruce Campbell in the lead. Bruce worked on the story with me a little bit, too. We were both thinking about Kevin Smith for the part of Lucky. It’s a simple story, but I rather like it.
 –This is the first draft of my treatment for a low-budget horror film that would potentially star Bruce Campbell, and be shot in Oregon, where he and I live. I thought I had an interesting angle into a horror story, but I perhaps I didn’t. You can judge for yourselves.
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