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    Hey Josh,

    Long time fan of your work. I run a podcast called Animorphing Time which was in the top 10% of podcasts last year. We’ve completed that podcast—my cohost and I—and we started a new podcast where our focus is diving into o the works of your pal Bruce Campbell. We mostly use this as a jumping off point to discuss under seen or under appreciated movies. We’re covering Alien Apocalypse in the next few weeks and I’m shooting my shot asking if you’d be willing to be interviewed by a DIY indie podcast to talk about your work. We won’t take much of your time and would just like to discuss your methods and hear stories. You can email me at ufirvwo AT gmail dot com or reply to me here. Either way, glad I found your newsletter and thanks for the movies you’ve made. I’m a Running Time evangelist.

    Thank you,
    Tyler McCarty

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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